Dream Corner – My journey 6 months on……

It’s hard to believe that I have had Dream Corner for 6 months now! I keep pinching myself (with joy!) that I have a job I absolutely love! I am very grateful and continue to be that I can do something that fulfils me completely, as I know there are many people who aren’t in the same position – so never take it for granted.

Pursuing one’s dream is not easy as I am sure some of you reading this know. It requires persistence, hard work, persistence (yeah, I know I have said it twice!), determination and yes more persistence! I am very fortunate to meet so many incredible wonderful people along the way who are making my journey a truly enjoyable one – even though there are challenges.

It is a big deal for me to get to 6 months – an achievement that my lifelong desire can be what Dream Corner is today. May not be a landmark or significant to some, but it is to me. I am well into my flow of being a radio presenter; even though admittedly I don’t introduce myself as one when I’m at networking events….still trying to work out why I do that :).

When I got this gig, my goal was to give women a voice to share their story and showcase their work to inspire other women. I will be honest and say I didn’t think in-depth of the impact initially, but as time as gone on, it all beginning to make sense now. Back in October I had Robyn West of PoGo Pack on; and we talked about her desire to support young girls approaching puberty. I thought that was a great show; and I got feedback from a Mum on twitter who thought so too. The other day, my best mate Tess who has twin teenage daughters went on the website and happened to listen to the show, and has since emailed a group of Mums about it. That warmed my heart to no end because that’s what it’s all about! I want what I do to be relevant in any way.

Have I learnt anything about myself?
I seem to have grown as a person in confidence and have a better understanding of how to manage relationships….it’s not always about me – sadly! Lol! I am learning to be more accommodating and less of a perfectionist in how I want things to be – basically being less of a diva :)! It is all good! I also find that I have become less inhibited about myself, as I seem to reveal a lot more about myself and my journey in life – not just about Dream Corner – on and off the show. Last month, one of my guests asked to interview me for her podcast series; and I was thrilled to do it; and thought the questions were okay. As the interview progressed, I finally got what my guests say when they come on Dream Corner – they can talk about themselves for a change and chart their journey ‘out loud’…don’t know if that make sense to you, but it did for me. I shared a whole lot more than I thought I would (don’t regret it!), and there’s something liberating about that. You can listen to my very revealing interview with Michelle Rumney here: Interview with Michelle

The future
By the end of 2011, I would have interviewed 50 women! Isn’t that just great! I am really pleased about that; and as word about the show keeps spreading, I have come to have a long waiting list. As of the time of this blog, I am booked till 3rd week in March 2012! I know that sounds cool and all, but I feel I could do something about it. There are so many women who have stories to tell and the more stories I can share, the more women will take a chance at soing something they’ve always wanted to do.

I like and embrace change, and as I am learning to trust my ‘gut feel’ for things more and more; I have decided to add some variation from February 2012. There will 3 formats that I will still run the individual (1-2-1), joint guests (2 guests sharing one hour) and Theme shows (3 guests discussing a particular topic). I am so thrilled future guests can see that it is great to demonstrate their skills and expertise with another guest and/or in a group; but more importantly giving depth to the shows. I also have some other ideas planned alongside all this which I will share with you in early 2012, so watch this space.

I can’t say thank you enough to all the fantastic women who have come on, shared their stories with me; passed on the website details to others; or just support me from the sidelines  all much appreciated and grateful for. You all make my journey a lot easier and more exciting to take. I decided to mark my report card for these six month, and have given myself a 6.5 out of 10! Too harsh or not harsh enough?! I know there’s still so much room for improvement and I am working on those as we speak!

If you want to keep up with the interviews/podcasts, you can sign up here  Dream Corner’s RSS

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Viv Oyolu

Radio Presenter at Dream Corner
Viv is a radio presenter and passionate about telling women's stories. She has over 20 years Marketing experience working for companies such as Walt Disney, NatWest, Barclaycard, RBS and BMW. Alongside Dream Corner, runs her Audio/Podcast Consultancy, Audio Byte producing audio content for a range of clients, and hosts a weekly podcast for authors with Expert Entrepreneurs in Publishing. In her spare time, she loves running, reading and chocolate.

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    Proud to be one of the first 50 women you have interviewed Viv and to have shared snippet of your journey. Looking forward to seeing you go from strenght to strenght.

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