Ep #81 – Claire Brummell

Claire Brummell and Viv

I am very fortunate with Dream Corner – really I am! Having Claire on after Maggie was honestly a stroke of luck – they really complimented each other; and yes my day got even better! Claire really made me shine today – she made my job sooo easy! It was an effortless interview packed with lots of nuggets of information and a sprinkling of gold dust – take my word for it! Interview with Claire Brummell.


More about Claire
Claire is a coach and as well as specialising in providing engaging, dynamic and entertaining speaking experiences for a variety of audiences. Her areas of expertise include: Feeling Fulfilled and Fabulous by Being Feminine First; Finding your Feminine Power; Reconnecting with the Real You; The Feminine Approach to Business Success and Femininity for the Single Woman. You can find more about Claire here – www.feminine1st.com

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