Claire Brummell

Claire Brummell and Viv

I am very fortunate with Dream Corner – really I am! Having Claire on after Maggie was honestly a stroke of luck – they really complimented each other; and yes my day got even better! Claire really made me shine today – she made my job sooo easy! It was an effortless interview packed with lots of nuggets of information and a sprinkling of gold dust – take my word for it! Interview with Claire Brummell.

More about Claire
Claire is a coach and as well as specialising in providing engaging, dynamic and entertaining speaking experiences for a variety of audiences. Her areas of expertise include: Feeling Fulfilled and Fabulous by Being Feminine First; Finding your Feminine Power; Reconnecting with the “Real You”; The Feminine Approach to Business Success and Femininity for the Single Woman. You can find more about Claire here –

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Viv Oyolu

Radio Presenter at Dream Corner
Viv is a radio presenter and passionate about telling women's stories. She has over 20 years Marketing experience working for companies such as Walt Disney, NatWest, Barclaycard, RBS and BMW. Alongside Dream Corner, runs her Audio/Podcast Consultancy, Audio Byte producing audio content for a range of clients, and hosts a weekly podcast for authors with Expert Entrepreneurs in Publishing. In her spare time, she loves running, reading and chocolate.

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