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Jo Lee on Dream Corner

Jo Lee

It never fails to amaze me the inspirational women around us! I'm always grateful for each one I get … [Read More...]

Maleka Dattu

Maleka Dattu

What an inspiration Maleka is! I didn't know how much until I got to interview her. I'm not going to … [Read More...]

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What Makes You Tick Pilot

Viv and Brenton Smith

Brenton Smith

Thanks to Ralph, I got to meet Brenton who was kind enough to come on the 2nd hour of the 'What Makes It Tick' pilot. Brenton had mentioned nothing … [Read More...]

Viv and Ralph Overbeck

Ralph Overbeck

Can't tell you how grateful I was/am that Ralph agreed to be part of my pilot for a new show dedicated to men called 'What Makes You Tick'. The show … [Read More...]

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thank you note

Two years on and I still love my job!

Dream Corner turned 2 over the weekend - on the 8th to be exact. Hard to believe I've been doing this for two years; it certainly feels longer - not in a bad way. In the same breadth, where has the time gone?! At every milestone, I have been even … [Read More...]

The trouble with Free

The trouble with FREE!

First up, before you go past this point, I better let you know this is a 'negative' post - my 1st 'negative' ever! I don't believe in writing them - more importantly, I haven't had the need to write one; but in this case I want to! I like to think … [Read More...]

Dream Corner - Not everyone is an entrepreneur

Not everyone can be an entrepreneur!

It is true! Not everyone can or should be an entrepreneur! When I started Dream Corner, I only saw it as vehicle for female entrepreneurs - mostly because that's where I had come - being an entrepreneur I mean. But as the show has grown, and time … [Read More...]

Dream Corner - reflections on 2012

Reflections from 2012

What a year 2012 has been - certainly the best one of my life to date. This is not to say I have not had my fair share of challenges (bucket loads), disappointments and failures in equal measure. But all those have eclipsed by the joys, excitement … [Read More...]

Wildstar logo

Wildstar Networking Launch Party

When Corinne Stuart invited me to come along to the launch party of Wildstar Networking - a collaboration with Clare Gillbanks, Dave Clarke and William Buist; how could I refuse? I was looking forward to seeing her again, meeting some new people … [Read More...]

Dream Corner TEDx Euston 2012

Interviews from TEDxEuston 2012

As a media partner providing audio content of TEDxEuston 2012, Dream Corner wanted to capture the spirit of such a memorable event by interviewing speakers, partners, delegates and one of the organisers over two days. The interviews give anyone a … [Read More...]

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